MA in Scandinavian Studies

MA in Scandinavian Studies

At the Department of Scandinavian Languages and Literatures we offer foreign students a unique opportunity to gain their master's degree in Scandinavian Studies. Courses are taught in Danish, Norwegian and Swedish and they encompass a wide range of areas, such as linguistics, culture, literature and history. Students of Scandinavian Studies will be able to acquire wide-ranging education, different skills and knowledge during their studies. Students will gain comprehensive cultural, historical and literary knowledge regarding the whole region of Scandinavia and specifically regarding a chosen Scandinavian language/country. In the scope of the Master course, students will have opportunities of specializations in linguistics and philology based on core studies, and preparation for possible academic fields.

The Master course aims to provide theoretical and practical knowledge as a philological discipline (linguistic, literary and cultural studies) of Scandinavia to graduates, who will be familiar with fields and methods of academic research and able to meet the requirements of the postgraduate course.

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